Term Limits for North Dakota Petition Approved

July 21, 2021

Bismarck, ND — Today North Dakota for Term Limits announced that the Secretary of State has approved it’s initiated measure for circulation. “We’re extremely excited to get started collecting signatures on the ground across North Dakota,” said Jared Hendrix, Chairperson of the measure’s sponsoring committee. “Our conversations with North Dakotans of all political stripes clearly tells us there is widespread support for our measure.”

Former State Senator Joe Miller, who is serving as Treasurer of the committee, said, “Voluntary service to your country, state and community is an essential component to a successful Republic. Democratic principles are not best fulfilled by decades long placement in a single office. As demonstrated by George Washington, limits on service promote honesty, ingenuity, energy, and participation.”

Senator Miller is a farmer who served from 2008-2016. “Joe is one of several people on our team with legislative experience,” said Jared Hendrix. “All of them understand that term limits do more to empower the people, than the political class. That’s why, as this campaign ramps up, we can expect to see the lobbyists and special interests come out against us.”

Miller said, “I served for 8 years in the North Dakota Senate, including 4 years as Agriculture committee chairman. I was able to accomplish plenty. Politicians don’t need decades of experience to get anything done, decades is a career, term limits are public service.”

“Term limits are enormously popular,” said Hendrix. “Recent polling data conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on likely North Dakota voters indicates an 82% favorability for term limits for the North Dakota legislature, and 83% for the office of the Governor.”

Miller said, “I can tell you from experience, there is no monopoly on knowledge or expertise in the legislative chamber. By applying compulsory term limits, more people will be given an opportunity to effectively serve. That variety and turnover is bad for lobbyists and special interests, but good for the people of North Dakota.”

The North Dakota for Term Limits ballot initiative would establish term limits on the North Dakota legislature and the Governor. Once passed, politicians will be limited to serving 8 years in the house, 8 years in the senate, and 8 years as governor. 

Pulse Opinion Research Polling Data – February 2020:https://www.termlimits.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2020_North-_Dakota_Summary.docx-.pdf