NORTH DAKOTANS PASS TERM LIMITS BY A WIDE MARGIN Despite Opposition From The Entire Political Class & Special Interest Lobbyists, Voters Reject the Status Quo

November 9, 2022

Bismarck, ND — Today, North Dakota for Term Limits celebrated a big win for Ballot Measure 1, which will apply term limits to the office of Governor, State House and State Senate.

“First and foremost, we want to thank the people of North Dakota for their tremendous support for Measure 1,” said Jared Hendrix, Chair of ND for Term Limits. “For the voters who opposed our Measure, I also want to thank them for their participation on this important issue, and encourage them to keep an open mind. We believe that term limits will be good for North Dakota, and they will reap the rewards of this important reform.”

Hendrix continued: “This victory is even more significant when you consider the massive opposition our campaign faced from the political establishment. We faced a protracted legal battle due to the Secretary of State’s illegitimate attempt to keep our measure off of the ballot, and were vindicated by the state supreme court. In the fall campaign, virtually every special interest lobbyist and influential long-serving politician came out to oppose our Measure. Yet, despite all of this, term limits prevailed.”

“This is a huge win for the everyday people of North Dakota. Voters are smart when it comes to term limits, because common sense tells us that no one needs endless decades in government to make a difference. They innately understand the status quo is lopsided in favor of the political class. Term limits might be inconvenient for the lobbyists and political class, but they will just have to adjust.”

“A new day has begun for increased citizen engagement, increased voter participation, and greater transparency. The average citizen-legislator goes to Bismarck to serve for about 8 or 9 years, and goes home. Now, that will be the standard for everyone. Congratulations to the people of North Dakota. This was their choice to make, and they decided.”

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